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Lois Coeurdeuil Quartet

Jazz from Wes to Benson

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Guitar, Tenor / Alto / Soprano Saxophone, Hammond Organ, Drums.

Lois Coeurdeuil – Guitar
Ezequiel Célada – Tenor / alto / soprano saxophone
Franck Lamiot – Hammond Organ
Piero Iannetti – Drums

The quartet plays in the sound of the 60s / 70s, swing bop, hard bop, funky and groove.
A beautiful sound mix with guitar, Hammond organ, tenor / soprano / Alto sax, drums. Richly colored harmonies, a warm "taking" sound, the Lois Coeurdeuil quartet embarks on an exciting jazz exploration with each piece of music!

Lois Coeurdeuil has a jazz and funky background, he played gypsy jazz for a long time under the name "César Swing" paying homage to Django Reinhard.
His knowledge of different styles: jazz, funk, groove and gypsy, his passion for beautiful melodies, his virtuosity make him one of the most prominent guitarists in France. The sound, the remarkable guitar playing of Lois Coeurdeuil agree perfectly with the sounds of the saxophone and the Hammond organ, a perfectly balanced full sound!

Frank Lamiot constantly composes with the pianissimos, the fortissimos with great intelligence. Franck jazz organist pianist has integrated the blues since his youngest years, he now sports a filling Blues totally anchored in his playing, allowing the quartet to restore many musical climates of the 60s / 70s which jazz musicians feed on .

Ezequiel Célada found the sound on the tenor saxophone, this young musician imbued with musical freshness already has a solid experience of jazz. He comes at the right time to enrich this group, mixing with a good musical sense on the guitar and the Hammond organ, giving pride of place to themes played in unison. His choruses are marked by the leap of the great interpreters of this instrument.

The swing of drummer Piero iannetti!
revives, tempers, accompanies with rigor but also pushes to the extreme to reach spheres approaching the spiritual. The fine sound, powerful bop and hard bop, a drum game built around an ORGANIC swing. Strongly influenced by the playing of Art Blakey, which he pays homage to with a sextet for ten years in which Lionel Belmondo officiates as saxophonist and musical director, the trumpeter Julien Alour  or even as a guest Stéphane Belmondo.

4 instrumentalists who had the good idea to come together to create this jazz group where each allows the other to express themselves fully.

The quartet develops the themes of the big names in jazz. A very wide musical palette:
ranging from Jimmy Smith to Wes Mongoméry, Charly Parker, George Benson, Bireli Lagrene or Luky Peterson, Lou Bennet to name a few.


Four on six - Lois Coeureuil Quartet
On Broadway - Lois Coeurdeuil Quartet


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